Common Questions

What is it?

Botcrypto is a decentralized algorithm free from human interference that uses smart contracts and APIs to perform operations. Just like Bitcoin itself, Botcrypto is a decentralized network of users who use the software to make profits in cryptocurrencies in a secure and anonymous way.

How do I know operations are happening?

All operations performed by the algorithm are generated by proofs in a serial number known as (Hash) which is generated and confirmed within with all information encrypted in real-time input and output for users to monitor their operations.

How does the algorithm manage to pay affiliate commissions?

The algorithm uses part of its profit on all users' executed operations, trade fees and transactions. The algorithm remunerates its affiliates with meritocratic profit shares.

How much does the algorithm earn on the operations performed?

Automatic Modality 30% of the profit from the operations goes to the algorithm example: executed an operation obtained a profit of 10 USDT, the algorithm will receive 3 USDT of profit participation on the operation.

How does a purchase and sale work?

Software executes purchase order on broker Y and sells on broker Z the same bitcoins traded at different prices on different brokers at the same time.

How many operations per day does the algorithm perform?

It depends on the opportunities filtered by the user, being able to execute up to 4 Operations per day. as the value of an asset can fall as well as rise, which may result in a lower return than originally invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

How do I request a withdrawal from my spot wallet?

perform a ''SWAP'' converting your available balance to your spot wallet and being able to withdraw the requested amount.

My balance is in operation, now what?

Your configured input value for each operation when executing the order leaves one brokerage and goes to another brokerage to carry out the purchase and sale operation. After a few minutes, the balance will return with profit from the executed operation available in your account.

It's safe?

Botcrypto's security is guaranteed by every line of code written in its programming. The system was developed to be independent and distribute all available resources to its users in a meritocratic way.

Who is the algorithm for?

For those who want to automate their operations with high reliability, multiplying their capital in the medium and long term.

My order is pending, what now?

Wait a few minutes for the order to show success status, your profit obtained from the operation will now be available in your account.

How to make a deposit?

Go to "Wallet" - "Deposit" on the website, follow the instructions and provide the necessary information. then transfer the funds to the deposit address.

My deposit didn't go down ?

wait for confirmation from the chosen blockchain network for your deposits to be credited to your wallet.

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